lørdag den 13. november 2010

What is your favorite piece of clothing, favorite shoes and favorite lipstick?
my new, big knitted sweather! it's so comfortable and warm. the shoes.... i don't know. i love all them!

Do you like living in Copenhagen or would you like to live somewhere else?
i love copenhagen - but someday i'm going to live in london. no doubt.

How many rings are you wearing currently?
right now just one on my thumb. it's morning!

When you buy magazines, do you read the articles or just look at the pretty pictures?
to be honest - mostly i just look at the amazing pictures. but it happens once in a while thhat i read an article, if it's interesting.

When you don't set alarms, what time do you usually wake up?
it depends on the night before. but most arond 11am.

When you text your friends, do you use smiley faces and stuff like that?
i hate it when there's a "happy-face"smiley in every text, they're so annoying. but i do it now and then.

Is it more embarrassing to trip in front of girls (who you don't know and are slightly intimidated by) or guys?
then i'll have to say the girls.

Do you have a fixation with anyone?
from denmark: Anders SG from Alphabeat <3
from the US: Johnny Knoxville <3
equally HOT!

What do you think about vegeterianism?
i've been a vegetarian but could'nt do without bacon! so i respect them

Do you want to remain to live in Copenhagen?
i would love to live in london, but just for a few years and for experience. i think i'm gonna settle down in copenhagen when time is.

What are you going to study after high school??
i have absolutely no idea. i think i'm going to take a year off to travel. then i'll find out.

How many money do you spend on clothing, shoes and so on in a month?
about 1500-2000 danish crowns. often i'll buy bulls**t

Do you like shops like H&M and Topshop the most or the expensive shops?
for clothing i want H&M, Topshop and shops like them, but when it comes to bags and shoes i would'nt mind the expensive pairs. it is just really rare that i can afford it!

Who are your style icons?
Mary-Kate Olsen and Erin Wasson. but i get more inspired in the streets.

What would you never wear?
real fur!

What would you name your son?
Noah, no doubt

What would you name your daughter?
Naima or Tess, i don't know. i like rare names.

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